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Stylet Mp3 finder 1.01

Stylet Mp3 finder 1.01

Screenshots of Stylet Mp3 finder

Stylet Mp3 finder Publisher's Description

Designed with completley unortodox approach , Stylet File Manager makes file managment easier and different. ( 'different' can be good or bad , it's depends from your point of view ) .
Stylet file manager uses Multiple Viewing Windows interface rather than 'two-panels' view usually seen with file managers. Better take a look at screenshots to see what do we mean.
It's full of features , but it's not over-crowded.
It's good looking , but not annoying.
It has a drag & drop not seen yet. You can drop file(s) onto almost every button in a program, which will result in a some action similar , but not same to the one which happens when that button is clicked.
Try to drop files onto 'Go Back' , 'Go forward' , 'Go Up' , 'Use Explorer menu' , and 'View as' buttons to get the point.
Bookmarks (Favorites) alows you to create fast links to your favorite folders, but in that way you can save only one folder/archive/place per bookmark.
Stylet File Manager can use bookmarks, but try to use 'Sessions' instead. Sessions allows you to save multiple (as much as you want) places at once. This shows to be very usefull when working some project, becuase most likely you will have some type of files in one pile of folders, while you'll have some other pile of data in some other pile folders... things get easier with Stylet File Manager & Sessions.
Apart from that , Stylet File Manager uses a very good file viewer capable of viewing various file formats you actually use in your daily life. It also has a ActiveX capability , which alows you to view all files which can be viewed by Internet Explorer (including DOC , XLS , SVG , XML and more).
AES encryption and wiping fies tend to get usefull from time to time... You never know whether someone is watching ...
Muliple View Interface, sessions , charm , not-re-inventing-the-wheel and even more are the things that make Stylet File Manager.

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